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A lesson on cross cultural communication- an interview with Dr. Jeanne Boden

For this week's blog we spoke to Dr. Jeanne Boden a Belgian Sinologist who has over 30 years’ experience advising multinationals active in and within China.

14 Sep 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

Online Student's Experience on Our Brand New Web App!

Sign up to online classes on our brand new web app! Read about Babi's experience here and find out more about learning Chinese online!

2 Sep 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

Guest Blog - Hutong School Web App Review

As a result of the pandemic, more and more language schools have taken their services online for international students. This is usually in the form of Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. One school in particular, however, has taken online learning to a new level. In this post, I talk about my experience using the …

6 May 2021
By James Smith

3 Top Tips on How to Haggle Like a Pro in China

How to master haggling in China? Written by Juliette Pitt I’m sure if you’ve been to China, you would have experienced haggling. Haggling is part of Chinese culture and like any great skill you might need some practice before you can master the art of it! So here are three top tips to help you …

28 Apr 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

The New HSK Examination System

The New HSK Examination System Written by Juliette Pitt We have a huge announcement…the HSK System is GOING TO CHANGE! But don’t panic; this pocket guide will hopefully inform you about the new system and on what you should do. What Do We Know So Far? ‘Three Stages and Nine Levels’ Announced in May 2020 …

8 Apr 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

How to Network in Chinese?

Your Pocket Guide to Networking in China Written by Juliette Pitt Networking is very important for any student or professional who wants to make the most of their time in China. As the saying goes, good “guan xi” (connections or networking) is essential to doing long-term, profitable business or having a good career in China. …

26 Mar 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School